Body Tec Noni Juice , 1000ml 7CSFF0OWE

Body Tec Noni Juice , 1000ml 7CSFF0OWE

NONI is the name of the fruit of the Morinda Citrifolia plant. It is harvested from the tropical forests of French Polynesia Islands and has been used as a natural healing plant for thousands of years.

NONI is recognised as an exceptional source of nutrition and protein. NONI delivers Proxeronine, Scopoletin and Xeronine to the body, which have been shown to accelerate the production and maintenance of healthy body cells, delivering protein and enhancing digestion.

Organic NONI Juice provides the nutrition required to increase the positive functionality of cells within the body and helping with the absorption of endorphin, the well-being hormone, promoting good health and well being.

Organic NONI Juice contains natural raspberry flavour to guarantee a pleasant taste and palatability.


Organic Noni Juice from fresh Morinda Citrifolia.

Body Tec Noni Juice , 1000ml 7CSFF0OWE

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